Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays are a very long day...

Because I work a full 12 hours. I took my first client to get a much needed haircut. He decided to get a buzz cut, which actually looks great on him. He asked me what a buzz cut was and I explained to him ,it is like when you went into the service and got your first haircut. He looked at me and smiled. That made me smile. It is a good feeling to do or say something to make another person smile:) After I finished my time with him I went onto my next client. She is amazing!!! Going on to have her 102 birthday, yep 102. She never takes a nap, and always has a smile. she is a gift of love to all she meets. The only difficult part with her is she has a REALLY hard time hearing anything, so it is very quiet there. Except for a radio that gets static after 4pm.She loves to read, so she sometimes reads out loud to me as I sit and do needle work or something like that. She is a wonderful lady. Mrs. D., I love you. To all those who decide to follow me, please be patient with me as I am still learning this bloggy stuff. I must also add a thank-you to my friend Sandy for her help this morning. Have a great day tomorrow.

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